Somerset Drug and Alcohol Service (SDAS)

Somerset Drug and Alcohol Service (SDAS)

If you would like help with a drug or alcohol issue  get in touch with Somerset Drug and Alcohol Service.  Whether it’s for yourself, a friend or a family member, Somerset Drug and Alcohol Service (SDAS) is set up to help. Whether it’s drugs or alcohol, and whatever your age, SDAS is available for you. SDAS can offer early interventions to help people before their problems worsen and treatment options to help people in their recovery.

It offers:

  • free confidential advice, support and treatment for adults and young people who use drugs or alcohol
  • as well as dedicated support for anyone, of any age, affected by the use of drugs or alcohol by a loved one

SDAS details

Phone 0300 303 87 88 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week



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