Support groups

There are many social, supporting and advising groups in Somerset with trained and specialist professionals available to support you. Attending these groups can help you to meet other parents in your area and find out about opportunities across Somerset.

Speak to your Midwife or Health Visitor to find out more.

You can find lactation support groups in Somerset on page 29 of the Somerset Essential Guide. It may be useful to phone before attending as some groups are subject to change.

Frenulotomy (Tongue-tie)

Ankyloglossia, also known as tongue-tie, is a congenital condition that affects the structure of the lingual frenulum, a piece of skin that attaches the tongue to the base of the mouth. In babies with tongue-tie this piece of skin is abnormally short and tight and can therefore restrict movement of the tongue (NHS Choices 2015).

In some cases this can cause problems with breastfeeding. If you are experiencing breastfeeding difficulties, you can ask your health visitor about lactation support available. Following a full assessment and use of alternative lactation support, if a tongue tie is suspected your baby may be referred for consideration of this clinical procedure.

NHS Choices Helplines

Children’s centres in Somerset are designed to support families in the community in ways to suit them. They have a number of groups that run throughout the week where they aim to provide a level of support to you and your family from pregnancy and beyond.

There is a range of evidence concluding that a number of things can contribute to close and loving relationships, bonds and attachment parenting. Baby wearing (slings) and baby massage can provide an opportunity for parents to have skin to skin contact with their baby. The experience of skin to skin contact and closeness between parent and baby stimulates the body to produce oxytocin, in both parent and baby. The hormone oxytocin helps you feel connected to and in love with your baby, and promotes the desire to care for them. In mothers this can support a positive milk supply.

You can find out more about the sling library on the Carry Me Kate website.

La Leche League are an organisation that runs and supports families globally. They meet in Frome every Wednesday.

To find out about La Leche League in Somerset you can contact or visit their Facebook page. You can also find out more about the La Leche League in Frome on the La Leche website.

The NCT (also known as the National Childbirth Trust) is UK’s leading charity for parents. You can find out about NCT in Somerset by contacting them on Facebook and Twitter.