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Public Health England (PHE) have produced a Child Accident Prevention Guide for working with the under fives.


This guideline covers contraceptive services for under-25s. It aims to ensure all under-25s are given advice and information on all types of contraception. This includes additional tailored support to meet the particular needs and choices of those who are socially disadvantaged or who may find it difficult to use these services.

Mothers can start using contraception as soon as they’re ready following the birth of their baby, including while breastfeeding. For more information on the contraception available while breastfeeding and beyond, see below. Mothers can speak to their GP, Midwife or Health Visitor.




contraception following the birth of your baby

SWISH Somerset-Wide Integrated Sexual health Service – An NHS Service designed for people of all ages in Somerset

The GP Infant Feeding Network (UK), also known as GPIFN, has developed a website as a clinical resource for General Practitioners (GPs) working in the UK. The The GPIFIN website can be used for information relating to maternity and infant feeding.

  Young Parents are eligible for free sling hire. You can find a Young Parent referral form here

All Somerset families should receive information and guidance from professionals to enable them to provide a safer home for babies and children.

To be eligible for free safety equipment, a family must meet any of the listed criteria for a safer home visit. The aim of the scheme is to promote safety in home; the provision of safety equipment supports the prevention of unintentional injury.

Safer Homes Process – flow chart

Safer Homes Process Summary

Safer Homes Referral Form

This eLearning module is designed to inform anyone in a caring or supporting role, it outlines how to support and enable every child and young person in Somerset to reach and maintain good oral health. The module includes information on local services and useful tools and resources. This module is for everyone; we recommend it to individuals and families and to those with a professional or voluntary role supporting or working with children and young people.

Daily oral hygiene, diet and dental visits are important to maintain our teeth and gums. Poor oral health can lead to oral diseases, these can cause pain and discomfort, sleepless nights, loss of function and self-esteem and in turn disrupt family life and lead to time off school and work

Oral Health eLearning

The Somerset Dental Helpline: The dental helpline is a service designed to offer dental advice and/or appointments for urgent dental treatment: The dental helpline number is 0300 123 7691.  Alternatively you can email

Health visitors have an important role in providing advice and support as part of the healthy child programme

IHV – PHE Guidance – Health Matters, Child Dental Health