COVID-19: Staying happy – looking after your wellbeing



The coronavirus has impacted on everyone’s daily lives. This page is where you can find information and support about staying happy and mentally well during the Covid-19 response.

It’s completely normal for people to be feeling a wide range of emotions, including worried, anxious, frustrated and scared. Here you can find information about how to help manage these emotions, promote your wellbeing and build positive actions into your day.

We are all in this together and while we might not be able to be physically in touch right now, it’s important to stay connected in other ways. Staying at home will save lives. We hope the information on these pages will help you manage this in good spirits.

Mindline – if you need support with your mental health telephone 01823 276 892
Open 24 hours a day every day.

Looking after your wellbeing:

Families, children and young people:

Information, advice and fun things to do

Getting Help:

Public Health England

Mental health and wellbeing guidance

Public Health England have published guidance for the public on the mental health and wellbeing aspects of coronavirus ( Covid-19)


 Wellbeing and mental healtha guide to looking after yourself and others

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A downloadable PDF version is available to download here.


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Looking after your Mental Health

Find out more about local services and support available, in this simple guide