COVID-19: Staying happy

This page is where you can find information and support about staying happy during the Covid-19 response.

  1. Promoting your wellbeing while self-isolating

  2. Families, children and young people

  3. Managing anxiety and worries

  4. Mental Health Awareness Week- Kindness

  5. Connecting with local resources

  6. Bereavement and Coronavirus Support

It’s completely normal for people to be feeling a wide range of emotions, including worried, anxious, frustrated and scared. Here you can find information about how to help manage these emotions, promote your wellbeing and build positive actions into your day.

We are all in this together and while we might not be able to be physically in touch right now, it’s important to stay connected in other ways. Staying at home will save lives and you are part of making that happen.

Promoting health and wellbeing on the radio

We have teamed up with BBC Somerset and Spark to broadcast a weekly slot with Charlie Taylor on Wednesday evenings 7-8pm.

As we continue to stay at home, particularly if you are shielding,   this programme wants to reach out and provide some helpful and interesting ideas to lift your day and feel connected. Physical distancing does not mean social distancing. Each week there will be a new guest to talk about how listeners can stay healthy, happy and safe while at home.

The first programme on Wednesday 22 April was a session of Laughing Yoga!!

This weeks programme on Wednesday 27 May between 7-8pm is on Birdsong and Wellbeing. Stephen Moss, Author, Naturalist and CEO of Somerset Wildlife Trust will be discussing birds and birdsong including playing some audio clips of classic British birds.


To catch up on any programmes you have missed please go to here 

Mental health and wellbeing guidance from Public Health England

Public Health England have published guidance for the public on the mental health and wellbeing aspects of coronavirus ( Covid-19)

This guidance includes:

What can help your mental health and wellbeing

  • Practical issues for staying at home
  • If you are being treated or taking medication for existing conditions
  • Where to get further support is managing existing conditions
  • People with a learning disability
  • Information for Autistic people
  • Older people
  • Living with dementia
  • Dealing with a mental health crisis or emergency