Covid 19 – working together to prevent suicide

Working together to prevent suicide

Suicide is everybody’s business is the message from the Somerset Suicide Prevention Partnership Group. The Suicide Prevention Partnership Group is a multi-agency forum of over twenty different organisations from the statutory and voluntary sector. It leads this work locally. The group is responsible for the delivery of the Somerset Suicide Prevention Strategy and Action Plan, which focuses on the local areas for action. Further details email

Suicide can affect anybody and there isn’t a community in Somerset where people haven’t been touched by suicide.

Whether a hospital staff member or an owner of a local shop, we can all make a difference in reaching out and offering support to those in need. We know that if someone is having suicidal thoughts, receiving support from someone else can make a big difference.

Only a minority of people, who complete suicide, are known to mental health services.

We need to raise awareness. Its time to talk about suicide. Its time to say, let’s talk. We need to spread the message that talking to someone in distress won’t make the situation worse.

Go to Suicide Awareness Training here