Working together to prevent suicide

This years World Suicide Prevention Day theme is “Working Together to Prevent Suicide’’. We wanted to train 100 people in Somerset communities on the 10th September in suicide awareness. By the end of the day over 600 people had undergone the training – well done everyone!

Suicide Let’s Talk is a free bite size on line course developed by the Zero Suicide Alliance  and is for anyone in Somerset who has an interest in learning more about suicide and gaining life saving skills and knowledge.

The session includes facts surrounding suicide and provides useful advice and guidance on how to understand the signs that someone maybe at risk. Examples of different scenario’s and how to talk comfortably and directly about suicide are included. See the problem. Say the words. Signpost to support.


Take the suicide awareness challenge 

Introduction to Suicide Let’s Talk

We need to understand that suicide is a preventable and avoidable death. We need to understand how to support someone who is at risk of suicide. It is safety training, like learning resuscitation techniques. It could save a life.

When undertaking the training, self care is important. Some people may find this training challenging especially if they have been personally impacted by a suicide or attempted suicide in the past. Please consider having someone supportive nearby or agreeing with a colleague to do the training at the same time and then contact each other afterwards.

This training should take about 30 minutes.

Suicide Lets Talk

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