Return to Education: Welcome Back to Somerset Schools!

Help and Support for Children, Young People and Families

Environment and Health

Hand Hygiene

It is still very important that we maintain good hand-hygiene over the summer and beyond so why not re-visit the most effective way to wash your hands to help avoid the spread of infections. For full details go to:

With all children preparing for the return to school in September and as a reminder throughout the holidays, we suggest taking a look at the e-bug resources: e-bug website

This website offers –

  • Factual information about the virus
  • Things you can do to help stop Coronavirus from spreading
  • Resources for school and home use, including using e-bug to prepare for the full opening of schools in September, as recommended by the Department for Education. Further information and guidance is available here:


My Back to School Bubble’ aims to help children understand the new protective measures that may be in place at their school, in an age-appropriate way. It reinforces public health messages including the importance of hand and respiratory hygiene, while reassuring children that everyone makes mistakes, helping to combat feelings of anxiety, that have been reported by parents.

The published story is available as a free download and can be found alongside other COVID-19 resources on the e-Bug website


Immunisation programme restarts to keep secondary school children protected

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, schools were closed and community clinics cancelled, which meant that eligible secondary students were unable to receive their routine vaccinations against Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Td/IPV (tetanus, diphtheria and polio) and MenACWY (Meningococcal groups A, C, W and Y disease).

Most of these are usually given in schools during term time, but due to Covid-19 there has been a backlog of vaccinations.

The programme is now starting up again in the South West. Parents are being invited by individual providers to bring their child to school or community venues where nurses will administer the relevant vaccine.

Lots of Somerset schools use outdoor space to support learning and curriculum activities. Many of these activities are great for families to use during the summer too

Somerset Outdoor Curriculum programme offers simple outdoor activities and half day session plans which

Teaching assistants can use to support outdoor learning. Mindful of the significant

challenges schools face finding enough space to socially

distance as young people return to school, this is designed as a stepping stone to help enable activities outside, with the aim of reducing the pressure on indoor space

For more Coronavirus – Emergency Information and Help, please visit:

Wellbeing Help

Public Health have created this help sheet offering a quick guide to service support available during the summer holidays and beyond for children, young people, families and staff.

Health and Wellbeing Help sheet for Children Young People and Families

Young Somerset Parent Hubs are available to watch on YouTube

The parent/guardian sessions held on Facebook have been uploaded to YouTube – this is a fantastic resource for parents/guardians to refer back to as and when they need it.

The sessions covered so far include –

  • Supporting your child with low mood and depression
  • Internet safety for young people
  • Supporting your child with stress
  • Supporting your child with grief
  • And many more…..

For more information on national and local services please visit:

Coronavirus can be worrying for children and young people… the link below offers information, advice and tips to support you with –

  • What you need to know
  • Coping with stress and dis-stress
  • Mental health services
  • Money worries
  • and much more


Charlie Waller Memorial Trust (CWMT)

This poster from the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust offers simple guidance for supporting your child’s return to school


Self injury Support (SiS) is still here for you

We just wanted to let you know that during this very difficult time our text-based support services are still open and we are here to listen and support.

All of our services are open from 7pm -9.30, Tuesday-Thursday.
You can:
Text us on 07537 432 444
Email us at
Or start a webchat here:   Webchats are for up to half an hour.

For service information and contact please click Here

Along with people who self-harm we have developed a range of self-help and information pages. For SiS self-help resource pages please click Here

You can access our full website Here and download the Rainbow Journal self-help resource here.

Time to Change

It’s hard enough to experience mental health problems, without having to face the judgement, shame and isolation that often surrounds them. That’s why we want to end mental health discrimination.

For more information on Supporting Schools Transitions, please visit our resource page: