COVID-19: Stopping smoking

There has never been a better time to stop smoking. Not only will it improve your health but it will also help to reduce your risk of getting a severe illness if you do catch COVID-19.

Quitting smoking will:

  • Reduce the likelihood of complications from COVID-19.
  • Protect the health of others. Exposure to second hand smoke also increases the risk of complications from respiratory infections.
  • Reduce the burden on the NHS. Stopping smoking brings immediate health benefits particularly to the heart and lungs.

To find out more about stopping smoking visit the Smokefreelife Somerset page here or call 01823 356222.

Smokefreelife Somerset are currently providing telephone support to those who want to quit.

Why is now a good time to quit smoking?

Emerging evidence from China has revealed that smokers with COVID-19 are 14 times more likely to develop severe respiratory disease.

Smoking tobacco is known to damage the lungs and airways causing a range of severe respiratory problems. The evidence clearly shows COVID-19 virus attacks the respiratory system, which explains why smokers are at greater risk.

In addition, the repetitive hand to mouth movement provides an easy route of entry for the virus, putting smokers at greater risk of contracting COVID-19.

There is more support available at the ‘Today is the Day’ website or follow the #QuitforCovid Twitter account here.

One You Quit Smoking

The One You Smokefree App and website can help you to stop smoking. Follow the link below to find out more.