COVID-19: Explaining coronavirus to children

Resources from the NHS

The NHS have developed a fact sheet which might be useful if you want to explain the coronavirus to children and young people. It explains what a virus is, who can catch it and steps we can all take to protect ourselves, including washing our hands and staying safe at home.

The leaflet is included at the bottom of this page and can be downloaded from the PHE website here.

Resources from the World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have created a children’s story book to help children and young people cope with the coronavirus. The book is aimed at children aged 6-11 years old.

With the help of a fantasy creature, Ario, “My Hero is You, How kids can fight COVID-19!” explains how children can protect themselves, their families and friends from coronavirus and how to manage difficult emotions when confronted with a new and rapidly changing reality.

Download the book in English and 12 other languages here.

Resources from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine have also developed a range of resources to support children’s understanding of the coronavirus. These include a downloadable book illustrated by Gruffalo artist Axel Scheffler. Find out more here.