More information on vaccination in Somerset schools

In the 2020/21 flu season, the flu vaccination is being offered to all school children in primary school and Y7 and all children in special schools. Our Somerset school uptake rates are usually strong and the school team are aiming for similar success this year to ensure as many of our children are protected as possible.

The vaccination for school children is usually the Fluenz nasal spray. Some children with other risk factors or in contact with someone with a weakened immune system may need a different vaccine but the vaccination service will advise if this is necessary or if other precautions should be taken. The vaccination is of a weakened flu virus which cannot give them flu but children can have a runny nose, feel a bit tired or headachy afterwards for a few days.

The main reason to vaccinate school children is that research shows that children are what we call ‘super-spreaders’. By vaccinating young children we can reduce the amount of flu going around. This may be very important if your child is in regular contact with older relatives or others with an underlying health condition, frail or elderly.

Thankfully it is rare but children with flu can be quite ill so vaccinating them also protects them. Henry Riley from Cornwall had a particularly bad time with the flu. This year, Henry and his mum Janine want to encourage children to get the flu vaccine to protect them from catching the flu. Watch their video:


Blue flu bug

There are some fun resources which you can use to explain to your child why it is important to get the flu vaccination. These were developed in Wolverhampton so ignore those references but the stories are great! Flu Fighters Versus Chilly, Achy and Snotty tells the story of three slimy alien invaders from the Planet Bogey who came to Earth “to spread disease and make Wolverhampton’s children cough, splutter and sneeze”. Fortunately, their dastardly plans are thwarted by a watchful nurse who protects our young heroes by giving them the nasal spray and turning them into Flu Fighters.

Somerset school vaccination schedule 2020/21   Scroll down to bottom of page for schedule. Details of catch up community clinics for children who miss their school slot will be posted on this page too once arranged.

Video of school vaccinations  taking into account new COVID precautions