Healthy Living, Money Smart

Healthy Living, Money Smart


This course aims to give information about how to live more economically and to encourage healthy choices.
The first session will include looking into where the money goes and setting goals to make changes, which support a healthy living.
The second session will look at making healthy choices in exercise and encouraging good mental health which fits with the individual’s lifestyle.
This course is not for those needing advice on benefits, banking or debt.

This course would suit those who are feeling out of control with their spending and would like guidance on making healthy choices within their budget.
It may suit those who are newly independent, leaving home, leaving care or now living on their own.

The maximum number to attend both sessions would be 8, to allow time to share experiences and discuss ideas.
Each participant should aim to attend both sessions to gain the maximum from each session. Only participants of the first session can attend the second session.

These sessions are to be run by a Zing Somerset Community Lifestyle Officers.
It is a free course with free resources, with the expectation that participants will take an active part in the discussions.
There will be two sessions, each of an hour.


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