Accredited Providers

Accredited Providers

Accredited Providers launched in 2016 in Somerset, and are grant funded sole traders, charities and organisations commissioned to deliver specific, locally based initiatives / interventions to ensure a wider range of opportunities are available for people within target groups to increase physical activity levels and healthy eating. Encouragement will be offered for Somerset families to be physically active and choose healthier food options, and enjoy the ‘health and well-being’ benefits of this throughout the life course.

Particular emphasis will be placed on those individuals and communities who are living and working in the 4 areas experiencing the highest levels of deprivation that have been identified as a focus this year.

The aims and objectives of the Accredited Providers work includes improving healthy eating and reducing health conditions through poor diet, increasing physical activity levels and influencing behaviour change.

Public Health are looking for specific pieces of work around physical activity and healthy eating in the places where we have identified as being the most in need. This approach supports the ‘place based’ methodology that ZING Somerset has adopted following a consultation with service users and health professionals.

Specifications will be designed to address gaps in provision in the areas of highest social need within in our 4 place based communities / areas. Public health is looking for local providers to deliver this in these areas.

To be eligible to apply for these funding opportunities, please contact for an application form.

Previous initiatives activated by Accredited Providers have utilised a wide range of sole traders, charities and businesses to identify, deliver and fill gaps in provision in communities across Somerset.