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Referrals Forms

Health professionals can use the following referral forms to refer into Smokefreelife Somerset, these can be sent to us by email at Alternatively if you would prefer to make a referral by phone please call on 01823 356222.

General referral form

M2B referral form for midwifes

Patients can also self refer into our service either via our self referral form here or by phone.


Smoking in Pregnancy Downloadable Resources

Smoking Cessation: A briefing for midwifery staff NCSCT A5 leaflet
Use of electronic cigarettes in pregnancy: A guide for maternity and other healthcare professionals
LMS Briefing for Somerset













A guide to Smokefree pregnancy Champions
Briefing on supporting partners to quit smoking
Smoking and your baby: Advice for parents A5 leaflet












Carbon Monoxide Screening in pregnancy: advice for health professionals leaflet
Test your breath: carbon monoxide testing information leaflet for pregnant women
E-cigarettes in Pregnancy infographic A4 one sided
E-cigarettes in Pregnancy infographic A5 double sided










Having a Smoke Free Home Infographic
Carbon Monoxide Screening in Pregnancy Infographic
The Harms of Smoking in Pregnancy infographic









Smoking in Pregnancy Online Training


Online NCSCT training modules are available via the following links:

Stopping Smoking in Pregnancy: A briefing for maternity care providers

Very Brief Advice on smoking for pregnant women

Secondhand smoke: promoting smokefree homes and cars

E-cigarettes: a guide for healthcare professionals



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