Health MOTs and health checks

Health MOTs and health checks

The top 3 reasons for sickness absence in Somerset are minor illness, back and joint problems, and mental ill health

And did you know that the top three reasons people see their GPs in Somerset are high blood pressure, depression and being overweight?

It makes sense to try and stop these conditions making people ill or getting people to their doctor for early treatment before they have to take time off work.

We can:

  • Advise you about how to do an employee health survey – we can even provide a paper-based template or an anonymous online questionnaire. We’ll then report on the findings for you and benchmark your results against local and national data.
  • Arrange for you to have NHS health checks for free in your workplace (40 to 74 year olds with no pre-existing heart disease only).
  • Provide links to qualified providers of onsite health MOTs
  • Help your company develop a policy and culture of general health and wellbeing


For more information about NHS Health Checks in the workplace, visit Somerset NHS Health Checks


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