Sugar Smart

Sugar Smart

Some people eat as many as 40 teaspoons of sugar each day. That is more than 5 x the recommended daily allowance.

For the first time in human history, the world  has more people that are overweight than underweight.

The SUGAR SMART campaign has been launched to help local authorities, organisations, workplaces and individuals to reduce the amount of sugar we all consume.  The campaign is run by the Jamie Oliver Foundation and Sustain, and we are asking organisations in Somerset to sign up and help encourage our local workforce to choose Sugar Smart options.  The campaign has access to FREE support, guidance and resources to enable your organisation to make various pledges to encourage employees to be healthier in the workplace, from sugar smart quizzes, to revising vending machine options, the support and ideas are endless.

Don’t forget to let us know what pledges you decide to choose and the action you are taking, so we can tailor our support to you.

Visit Sugar Smart to start your pledge, here: