Zing Somerset Community Support

Zing Somerset County Council’s healthy eating and physical activity support. It is delivered in partnership with SASP, Sedgemoor and South Somerset district councils.

The team comprises of Community Lifestyle Officers who run a variety of programmes across all ages, abilities and locations.

The team works within selected places for a period of time to identify areas of strength within the communities; including the people, places and the groups/organisations. They then work to develop and expand on those existing skills and knowledge to create new opportunities for people to improve their health & wellbeing.

In supporting communities, we will promote a range of local and national campaigns and opportunities to increase awareness and the benefits from being active and eating healthily. We will work towards enhancing the national health promotion messages by using a variety of web-based tools and face to face initiatives.

We will work with existing groups and partner organisations as well as setting up new opportunities to gain an understanding of what the community needs and wishes are; what has been tried previously, and how best to achieve the desired results of sustainable community led activities and messages.

Food, Fun, and Families is an educational cookery course, aiming to contribute to family engagement within school or community settings. The cookery element is based on simple, budget-friendly, healthy food, which is interspersed with learning around food, health and well-being. The course is designed for children and parents to take part in together, and takes place over a suggestion of five sessions.

Families who have completed the course reported that they enjoyed cooking more overall, had a better understanding of what a healthy, balanced diet is, and more frequently cooked as a family at home. They also reported that cooking healthy meals was less expensive and easier than they thought before. If your school or organisation is interested in improving health and well-being or would like further information about the programme please contact

Hettie – 07977412481 / HSimpson@somerset.gov.uk

Email: Onelifesomerset@somerset.gov.uk

Website: www.healthysomerset.co.uk

FaceBook: One You Somerset

Twitter: #OneYouSomerset

Somerset Activity Tracker

Find a range of physical activity classes within your local area by simply inputting your postcode and track your activity levels.

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